The brand name KIS KAS comes from a wicker basket called ‘kas’ that is widespread in the old traditional rural Hungarian society. This carrier was simple, reliable, natural and made with care. Like the KIS KAS backpacks and bags, which are not just modern urban tools and loyal companions but they become real ornaments of our appearance by their carefully selected materials and their nature-inspired color harmonies.

Having graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design, Budapest (Hungary) and HDK, Gothenburg (Sweden), lead designer of KIS KAS, Lili Veszprémi, launched her enterprise in 2013. She is in permanent search for developing all the aspects of the brand: the product range, the manufacturing method, suitable materials. Lili also seeks to enforce the values of a responsible and ecological informed design.

KIS KAS bags are designed to be stylish, fresh and work well, while not aiming at adapting to the expectations of fast fashion. Rather, they promote the dignity of everyday life and the ordinary course of the day.